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Hearing Anger, Clearing Trauma, and Finding Peace

You have heard of fight, flight, or freeze and probably have a good idea of your M.O. when it comes to conflict. Do you run, yell, or clam up? Brain research has proposed the idea that this limbic system near the brain stem is one of the oldest parts of our brain. It makes sense that it is ancient programming, a black and white question, “do I run or fight this sabre tooth tiger?” Read more »


Finding Common Ground in Time Out

The other night I got to meet up with a bunch of friends and share great conversation and food (Thanks Becca and Nate!).  Talk about a Positive Time [..]


Bullying in Our Schools

The possibility that is before us is one where we start to build a culture that responds to bullying with a kind and firm, compassionate response. Read more »


Washington Prescription Benefit Card-

Hello Renton and Seattle!  If you are seeking help from counseling or therapy, often prescriptions can be helpful as you get started on the path to feeling better. [..]

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101 Days of Constant Bear – Persistance

I made it! On May 1, I reached the 100 day mark of practicing Constant Bear Chi Kung along with my Tai Chi practice. I began studying Roots [..]

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Mindfulness and Attachment Class #7

This is one of the central pieces that I hope has emanated from the curriculum and experience of this nine week class: our being is a sensitive and multidimensional receiver. We are receiving feedback from our body, emotions, thoughts, smell, memories, images, sensations, etc. all the time. Generally all frequencies except thought are tuned out, but in the space of mindfulness we allow for less heard voices to speak up. We wait with curiousity to see what arises, and this is one of the best things we can do for ourselves, allowing for the possibility that what is happening in our system is intelligent and suited to who we are and who we would like to be.
Read more »

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Mindfulness and Relationships Class #6 Recap

During the last class we began at Counseling on Capitol Hill in the Radiant Body Wellness Center. We discussed the practice and topics from last week for those [..]

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Happiness Initiative Mindfulness and Attachment Class #3

The third class in this series was great, thanks to engaged discussion, open sharing, and a couple new practices. We began the class with the introduction of the [..]

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Mindfulness and Attachment class in Seattle PDF flyer

The Happiness Initiative, a project of Sustainable Seattle, and Counseling on Capitol Hill are pleased to present: Nine Weeks Toward Happiness, a series of classes introducing Mindfulness practices for well being, body awareness, mental clarity, and increased happiness Read more »

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New Study on Adolescent Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Courtesy of MHCADSD: The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse released a study today entitled Adolescent Substance Use: America’s #1 Public Health Problem.<> It reported that 9 [..]

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