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None of us can do this work alone! Sharing vulnerabity is not weakness, it is the source of power.

Renton Family Therapy - Justus D'Addario MA, LMHC

Clarity.  Courage.  Change.

Therapy is an opportunity to look at your situation from a new perspective.  Together we will look at your situation with kindness and clarity.  The difficulties you face are common, though having the wisdom and courage to get expert help is not as common.  We will develop a plan that allows you to accept where you are and move to where you want to be.

Renton Family Therapy can help you gather the tools to empower YOU to be the change needed in your life.   Therapy is not about finding out what is wrong with you and fixing it.  You know the difficulty you have been through.  As you make space for yourself and your feelings, you begin to move toward the changes you want.  Lifespan Integration Therapy is about identifying and clearing stored patterns, ideas, sensations, and feelings that you have experienced, a bit like updating your software.

Kind connection to yourself, others, and life around you can allow you to move forward in creating the life you long for.

   Justus is a Certified Lifespan Integration Therapist and Consultant for other therapists interested in learning or honing their Lifespan Integration skills.

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In Network for First Choice Health Insurance, Kaiser Permanente PPO (not core or HMO), Moda Health, and Cigna.

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Social media and communications policy:

Email and text are not secure and should only be used for sharing information that you are comfortable with being public. Communication via insecure methods should be limited. Following laws of confidentiality, we are not able to interact with clients via social media, though many resources are available as educational or entertaining material.  Social media and internet content are not intended as medical advice or a replacement for therapy.  In the event of a crisis please call 911 or in a non emergent situation dial 1-866-4Crisis or 206-431-3222 in King County.

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