Teens, Tweens, and Family Therapy

Counseling for Teens and Positive Discipline Parent Coaching

Do you have a teen that is having trouble?  Would you like to see your young adult thrive academically, socially, and emotionally in their transition from middle to high school or from there to college?  Parenting teens is one of the hardest job there is, and the pay isn’t all that great either.  When the stress gets to be too much, instead of banging your head against the wall (or after), call for some help!

For teens, having a neutral adult to talk to, someone who can help them figure out who they are, and who they are becoming, can make a huge difference.  Successful adolescent therapy is also often supported by the other approaches offered such as Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy for Parents, Mindfulness Based Counseling, Lifespan Integration, and/or Family Therapy.

Family Therapy is a great opportunity for the all of your loved ones to come together in a new, more fulfilling, and effective way.  Successful clients often mix and match the therapies that fit best for them on their way to their goals.

With a systems approach to therapy, change can happen by working with any part of the family!  Even if your spouse or teen does not want to attend our sessions, you can make a difference for your family!

Family Therapy

Would you like your family to be a source of healing and creative solutions, a haven within a challenging world?

Sound like a pipe dream?  I can help you make it happen.

Family Therapy is a wonderful method of dealing with difficulties that families and children face.  By exploring challenges as a family, the presenting problem can be understood in a new context, one that is more holistic and open to change.  Families also offer a greater array of skills and support to facilitate change together.  Family therapy can show teens the resilience and resources that their parents have.  It can also clarify family structure and become an opportunity for creating more trust, respect, and compassion for each other.

If you haven’t felt positive connection with your child, or are worried about challenges they might be facing in their transition to adulthood, give yourself opportunity to re-establish that connection to feeling confident, happy, and hopeful.

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