Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy and Counseling

Are your old patterns getting annoying enough to try a new approach that has proven results?

More and more successful people are finding that having a Psychotherapist or Counselor in their corner is the way to achieve greater effectiveness and satisfaction.  Quickly and effectively moving through mental and emotional obstacles leads to feeling more energetic, getting along well with others, and having a clear sense of purpose each day.

Are you willing to take more time out for yourself?  Renton Family Therapy is the place to be for adults, couples, teens, and kids going through life transitions, suffering from old trauma and behavioral patterns, and recovering from anxiety and depression.

Individual Therapy utilizing Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy and/or Lifespan Integration can be beneficial for adults and teens suffering from the painful thoughts and emotions that come from being stuck in the past.  Renton Family Therapy is a safe place to express the feelings, thoughts, and insights that are going on for you, to learn more about what holds you back, and clear it out of your system.  Both of these approaches are highlighted in the structured and straightforward approach utilized by Justus D’Addario, a licensed mental health counselor who graduated from Bastyr University and is a therapist in Renton.

Just one person changing their way of being can affect the family, couple, and system of relationships.  Call 206.877.3188 for your free consult today and start to discover the unique message emerging from your life!

At Renton Family Therapy, Justus draws from personal practice and experience with many different brief and effective approaches to therapy.  Your counseling is ultimately guided by what is coming alive in your life, and the structured approach that Justus offers facilitates supportive, effective, and holistic change.