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Renton Family Therapy with Justus D’Addario MA, LMHC is currently offering online sessions via the HIPPA compliant Google “Hangouts Meet” platform.

Appointments are available for Family, Couples, Teen, and Individual Therapy  on Tuesday Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday between 9:30am-2:30pm.

How can Mindfulness Based CounselingFamily Therapy or Lifespan Integration help you?

Contact Renton Family Therapy for a free phone consult for help with PTSD, Attachment Trauma, anxiety, ADHD, bipolar, depression, family problems, couples issues, school performance, behavioral problems and may more symptoms of trauma and stuck negative behavioral patterns.

There have been some amazing new developments in therapy in the past ten years., Body based approaches that many therapists don’t practice or even know about that can resolve your issues cheaper and faster than many old forms of psychotherapy and analysis.  Don’t let the stereotypes of the past keep you from getting the help you need today!

Finding a therapist who can help you, your spouse, or your teen can be extremely frustrating in south king county. Contact Renton Family Therapy via email to start your search by talking to a pro.  In your free phone consult you will learn the questions you need to ask to find the right therapist for you or your loved one.  Also check out the directory of therapists on and

DISCLOSURE:  Renton Family Therapy is open to communication via email and phone.  These methods of communication are not totally secure, so please only share logisitical data that you are comfortable with other people seeing. Please save confidential data for secure voicemail and face to face interactions.