Hope for Hard Times, ADHD, and Anxiety

Do you notice nagging and repetitive thoughts?  Most negative feelings and thoughts are rooted in the past as well. Our past is with us here in the present, in our bodies and relationships.  Anxiety is the fear that old patterns of fear, danger, and scarcity will be recreated in the future.  With simple and effective approaches to therapy, you can be free from those negative patterns.  When you release old ideas of who you are, you will find that at your core, you are a good person trying to feel good.

We all know that we just need to “let go” of some things, but it’s not that easy!  Can you think of a few things in your life that you know the answer to, but don’t follow through with for some reason? Letting go of anxiety and depression requires a bit of work on our part, and help from a trained therapist can speed up and enhance this process. Justus is a Certified Lifespan Integration Therapist and Consultant for other therapists.

Many symptoms and negative patterns that get diagnosed as Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, and ADHD are also related to past experiences and perceptions.  What was true for you then may not be true for you now, and old limiting feelings and beliefs can be cleared out of your system.  By clearing old feelings and limiting beliefs with Lifespan Integration, the resulting symptoms and patterns often disappear as well.  Don’t just cover up your symptoms, connect to the resources hiding underneath negativity.  If you can summon the courage to approach your discomfort, you will find a doorway to connection and fulfillment.

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Remove the Obstacles Between You and Success

Have you been working hard, but still don’t feel fulfilled?  Are you ready for counseling that will help you get past obstacles, master challenges, and achieve a new level of satisfaction with life?  Renton Family Therapy offers counseling with non-judgement and compassion.  Through the support provided in therapy, as well as the structure of Lifespan Integration and Presence, you can find a renewed sense of hope, relaxation, and ease.

Find the source of change and healing within to create secure and fulfilling relationships.

Helping you find freedom from anxiety and more security in your relationships with teens, spouses, and yourself is the focus of Renton Family Therapy.  When all these things are in balance, the wonderful benefits of health emerge: such as feelings of belonging, purpose, happiness, success, and ease.

Renton Family Therapy works closely with other health professionals to provide integrated care for people who would like help from medication, want to supplement their medication with counseling, and those who would like clear the source of their symptoms and taper off of their medication with the help of their doctor.

Discover Your Hidden Resources

Many successful people find that the most efficient route to their goal involves consulting a pro.  Call or email now to see how you could benefit from added support and new perspectives.

Together we can explore your path and see how it is leading you toward fulfillment.  In counseling at Renton Family Therapy, you can rediscover your sense of direction.  As you head toward what you long for, you can find freedom from negative thoughts and emotions.  Once you are solid in who you are and what you want, you can build the relationships that fulfill you.  All these things are possible, with just a little expert help!