Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy

“My partner and I went to Justus for a couples therapy to strengthen our communication skills in preparation for a baby. He is kind, intelligent, funny and straightforward. He provided a variety of approaches: from mindful breathing techniques to practical tools to use at home to recognize when you run into a situation and there is a problem to be more mindful and sensitive of each other. He was able to help me look at situations from other perspectives. He posed excellent questions and helped me dig deeper to explore not just solutions to problems, but motivations behind why.
I would highly recommend working with Justus to any couple or individual struggling with making progress in any aspect of their personal life.”

 Couples Therapy

Would you like to feel more secure and connected in your relationship?  Primary relationship stability is the foundation for happiness, fulfillment, and health.  In couples counseling, you will learn how we are wired to react to disconnection in our close relationships as if it is a life or death situation, and with practice you will also learn how to overcome this tendency and break the cycle of disconnection that hurts so much.    Couples Therapy is great for uncovering the cycles (defined by Emotionally Focused Therapy) that we get stuck in with our partners and practicing the skills that help notice, avoid, and repair the disconnections that cause pain.  You will learn how family patterns influence your interactions, and you will have the opportunity to pickup important mindfulness skills that will ground and re-energize your connection.  Beneficial for both new and old relationships, couples therapy can give structure to the growth of each individual in the relationship.

My goal is to offer integrated mental health and counseling services that are accessible to the local community.   If you carry coverage, check with your insurance provider, many plans cover between 50- 80% of counseling costs.  Often, marriage therapy and couples counseling are specifically not covered by insurance, so be sure to talk with your insurance company before starting therapy.  Ask if marriage counseling, family therapy, or couples therapy is covered under your plan.  For out of network or non covered therapy,  I will provide a superbill that you can turn in to your insurance company for reimbursement or credit toward your deductible.  Costs and insurance aside, couples counseling and marriage therapy is one of the best investments your can make for your health, well being, and long term finances.