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Mindfulness and Relationships Class #5 Recap

In attempting to understand family systems, it is often helpful to draw a genogram or family tree and note the important information about different family members and their relationships with each other. Read more »

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Happiness Initiative Mindfulness and Attachment Class #3

The third class in this series was great, thanks to engaged discussion, open sharing, and a couple new practices. We began the class with the introduction of the [..]

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Summer is Here! Now What?

When you act on your worries as a parent rather than ignoring and hoping things will work themselves out, you send a strong message to your children that they long for. The fact that you respond shows that you are really there. Like the school example above, they make not like you for your intervention, but down the road they will love you for it.
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Connecting to the Core of Positive Discipline Parenting

When we are feeling calm and peaceful, it is pretty easy to agree that our principles for how we want our kids, partners, and ourselves to act are simple. Something along the lines of creative, loving, and aware. From this place we can see that we have these qualities the most in our own lives when we are balanced and calm. Our sense of mental and emotional balance relies on our physiology as well.

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Mindfulness and Positive Discipline for Parents and Teens

This is a huge change in the battles that are waged between adults and adolescents. Even though it is subtle, when we downshift out of habitual Punishment Mode, we start opening up to what is going on for the other person. We hear so much that children are “attention seeking”, and they are, but desiring the attention and care of others is natural and human, not a disorder. Read more »

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Examing The Rules you Live By- Counseling in Renton

How Have You Learned to Punish and Box Yourself In What is the process by which we create rules based on our experience? It is a product of our systems [..]

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