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Summer is Here! Now What?

When you act on your worries as a parent rather than ignoring and hoping things will work themselves out, you send a strong message to your children that they long for. The fact that you respond shows that you are really there. Like the school example above, they make not like you for your intervention, but down the road they will love you for it.
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Examing The Rules you Live By- Counseling in Renton

How Have You Learned to Punish and Box Yourself In What is the process by which we create rules based on our experience? It is a product of our systems [..]

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Wellbeing Survey from Sustainable Seattle

http://sustainableseattle.org/survey/GNH/en/ Take the survey and see how you rate! What would you like to see improve? Insist on outcomes in your therapy!  What kind of changes would you [..]

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Understanding Anger’s Message- Renton Family Therapy

Renton Family Therapy Post #16 In working with my colleague on a curriculum for anger management, I have been inspired by how many principles of successful treatment of anger correspond [..]

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Happy New Year? Renton Family Therapy Post #15

  What are you up to for New Year’s Eve? Have you made any resolutions? It’s odd how our social life can seem like just as much work [..]

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Turn Anxiety and Stress Into Fuel!

When you’re in pain, almost everyone you meet will offer you other kinds of gifts, whether it’s medication, types of healing, a diet, or my personal favorite: Arnica gel (it really works!). Of course these answers are offered out of a sense of caring and wanting to help. After all the questions of “why did this happen?”, “if only they (or I) would have done that differently”, and trying different types of healing, we are directed back toward ourselves. Read more »

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Can It Get Any Darker?

The dark, wet, and cold of winter really pushes us inward. When you are plagued by pain, negative thinking, and difficult emotions inward is not a nice place to be. As if life wasn’t tough enough, the mindfulness based approach to alleviating these types of suffering asks us to rip the band aids and duck tape off and look at whats going on in there. There is a lot of inertia in trying to break free from negative cycles, so attending groups that practice together can be a great way to get started.

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Holistic System Scan- Renton Family Therapy

Renton Family Therapy#13 Thanks everyone who came out for our open house and participated in the meditation sessions.  As promised, here is the practice that we did.  It [..]

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Cultivating Resilience in Counseling at Renton Family Therapy

Renton Family Therapy #12 Apparently resilience is the new sustainability.  I’ve been talking with some friends about how words are used by advertisers to catch people’s attention.  With the [..]

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Avoiding Common Crises with Mindfulness- Renton Family Therapy

Things that Personal Meditation Coaching will be appropriate for are reducing stress, overall personal wellness, and acquiring a greater sense of purpose in life. Relationship difficulties, anxiety, challenging emotions, painful thoughts, and mental health symptoms are not required to access the benefits of the coaching relationship, but you will most likely see improvements in many of these areas by practicing some of the techniques you learn. Read more »

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