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Mindfulness and Attachment Class #7

This is one of the central pieces that I hope has emanated from the curriculum and experience of this nine week class: our being is a sensitive and multidimensional receiver. We are receiving feedback from our body, emotions, thoughts, smell, memories, images, sensations, etc. all the time. Generally all frequencies except thought are tuned out, but in the space of mindfulness we allow for less heard voices to speak up. We wait with curiousity to see what arises, and this is one of the best things we can do for ourselves, allowing for the possibility that what is happening in our system is intelligent and suited to who we are and who we would like to be.
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Mindfulness and Relationships Class #5 Recap

In attempting to understand family systems, it is often helpful to draw a genogram or family tree and note the important information about different family members and their relationships with each other. Read more »

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Summer is Here! Now What?

When you act on your worries as a parent rather than ignoring and hoping things will work themselves out, you send a strong message to your children that they long for. The fact that you respond shows that you are really there. Like the school example above, they make not like you for your intervention, but down the road they will love you for it.
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How Do You Find a Good Therapist in South King County?

South King County is full of great counselors and therapists. How do you find the one that is right for you? Many people start with their insurance companies. Who [..]

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Mindfulness and Positive Discipline for Parents and Teens

This is a huge change in the battles that are waged between adults and adolescents. Even though it is subtle, when we downshift out of habitual Punishment Mode, we start opening up to what is going on for the other person. We hear so much that children are “attention seeking”, and they are, but desiring the attention and care of others is natural and human, not a disorder. Read more »

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Upcoming Community Mental Health Event

Talking Together about Mental Health Please join us on Mon., March 28, 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM at Prospect Congregational UCC 1919 E. Prospect for conversation about mental [..]

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