Positive Discipline Parent Education and Coaching

Positive Discipline Parent Education and Coaching

Positive Discipline is a blend of “firmness and kindness” that aims to meet the emotional needs of children and diffuses the difficult behavior that they exhibity when these needs aren’t met.  Our general approach, (at least the way I was raised!) is that punishment will keep our kids in line.  Many parents today are finding that the old models of punishment and threats aren’t effective in raising healthy kids.  There is hope, but Positive Discipline requires training, coaching, and practicing as we shift our paradigms and programing to a more humane and effective model.  Kids don’t come with manuals, but I find that as the parents I work with move toward more compassion for themselves and awareness of emotional reactivity, many kids, even the hardest teens, notice the shift and are more willing to change their own approach.

This approach also harmonizes well with the Lifespan Integration and Mindfulness Based approaches to counseling that I offer, where you can let go of old family patterns and life experiences that get in the way of your ability to be present with yourself and your child.

A great way to increase connection and reduce pain in family life is to build relationships and solve behavioral issues with Positive Discipline skills.  I  offer coaching, classes, and free workshops about the Positive Discipline approach to parenting.  Positive Discpline is an experiential learning approach (there are no experts!) to understanding children and adults through the lens of the attachment work of Rudolph Dreikurs,Jane Nelsen, and Alfred Adler.  It can help adults move toward creating understanding with children and lessen the need for punishment and tiresome struggling.

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