Holistic Counseling

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No matter the obstacle, with effective holistic counseling, each of us can find our own inner resources and begin to embody them, the natural results of which are growth, health, love, and happiness. Call 206-877-3188 today to take the next step in your journey

Hearing Anger, Clearing Trauma, and Finding Peace

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You have heard of fight, flight, or freeze and probably have a good idea of your M.O. when it comes to conflict. Do you run, yell, or clam up? Brain research has proposed the idea that this limbic system near the brain stem is one of the oldest parts of our brain. It makes sense that it is ancient programming, a black and white question, “do I run or fight this sabre tooth tiger?”

Therapy Not Steroids

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I invite you to center into the larger Self of your being, the one that has emotions and thoughts, rather than our normal self that is those emotions and thoughts. After you take the leap, and risk growing, you will wonder how you ever believed that you were so small.