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New Group Therapy for Teens starts soon!

I am excited to announce that Renton Family Therapy will be offering group therapy for teens and adolescents beginning this Spring! Read more »

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Winter: Assessing Your Situation and Making a Plan

Winter can be pretty boring. Not much daylight, the weather isn’t very nice, and you generally don’t feel very energized. What if that is the way it’s supposed [..]

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Helping Kids and Families with Anxiety

As well as beginning to understand that many people experience anxiety in normal daily life, it is powerful for families to talk about ways in which family members other than the child have had anxiety, and how they have dealt with it. Read more »

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Therapy Not Steroids

I invite you to center into the larger Self of your being, the one that has emotions and thoughts, rather than our normal self that is those emotions and thoughts. After you take the leap, and risk growing, you will wonder how you ever believed that you were so small. Read more »

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New Presentation Proposal by Renton Therapists

Look for this talk on video soon! As part of the medical system, we are trying to adapt to the coming realities of how to not only help [..]

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Therapy that Will Change Your Brain

Therapy is undergoing a revolution in South King County. Renton Family Therapy and In It Together of Renton are proud to be at the forefront of this exciting change.  Finding a [..]

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Mindfulness and Attachment Workshop

An approach that involves Mindfulness and Attachment, such as the one offered at Counseling on Capitol Hill, offers us an opportunity to develop capacity and integration both internally and externally.
Read more »

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Who’s the Bad Guy? Complexity, Mental Health, and Creating Peace

When we see that the things we hate so much in others are reflections and projections of that which we despise in ourself, we need a better solution than just trying to kill or get rid of that part of our selves. This is the work of therapy. Read more »

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Putting Mindfulness and Attachment to Work

At Renton Family Therapy, the perspectives of mindfulness and attachment are highlighted. I frequently go back to understandings that come from mindfulness and attachment research for a few [..]

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Unfolding and Clearing Negative Stories in Counseling

As we become aware of our patterns, it can be really frustrating and upsetting to realize how often we continue to try solutions that don’t work. Even though Einstein framed this as the definition of insanity, it’s actually the definition of being human too, and all of us do it at some point Read more »

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