The Raphaelite Work

Energy Work

The Raphaelite Work is an elemental healing technique that facilitates wellness by creating the space and presence necessary for energy to move toward its natural state of health. Energy healing is often effective when other approaches have yielded little results.  Through attuning to the energies of the elements, your stuck places (physical, emotional, mental, social, or spiritual), and sacred aspects of life you will begin to notice movement.  What has been stuck for quite a while will shift and eventually transform to inform your path in the world.  In the Raphaelite Work, often what is uncomfortable, painful, and holding us back becomes the very source of the information that we need to move forward.

This work is hands on and is thus not available to counseling clients, due to state license regulations.  The hands on aspect of the healing is performed fully clothed and involves light touch that activates elemental meridians and facilitates healing by attuning to the elements of Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Ether present within our systems.  Most people find relief and growth in the Raphaelite Work and enjoy the empowerment of approaching illness as part of a larger healing path.

The Raphaelite Work was created by Himayat Inayati when he was the head of the Sufi Healing Order, a branch of the Sufi Order International.  I studied with Himayat and his successor Nur al Haqq for 8 years to learn practice and become certified to offer this work.

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