101 Days of Constant Bear – Persistance

I made it! On May 1, I reached the 100 day mark of practicing Constant Bear Chi Kung along with my Tai Chi practice.
I began studying Roots and Branches Chi Kung with my Tai Chi instructor in January and experienced a flare up of Rheumatism shortly after. When I heard of the claim that “100 days of Constant Bear practice would make any illness lose its hold” (Chen Man Ching) I decided I should give it a shot.
At first I was convinced that this intensity of practice would cure the arthritis, but as the days turned to weeks, and weeks became months, I started looking other places for relief as well. It is funny, because I wonder if the practice and the motivation to feel better within 3 months made me somewhat more open to the dietary changes that I made.
I come from a long line of chocolate lovers, live in Seattle, and therefore love coffee as well. Nothing like a rainy morning, jazz, and a cappuccino!
So when my accupuncturist encouraged me to go a week without caffeine, coffee, sugar, or chocolate I was quite surprised that I agreed. That was late March, and I only had a month left to find my cure and prove Chen Man Ching’s claim.
After a week off those things that I love, I felt MUCH better. I began to wonder, if these things contributed to feeling stiff and painful, how would a Chi Kung practice have outweighed their negative effects?

I also began to wonder, what exactly does “the disease will lose it’s hold” mean?  Now that I am at the end of the 100 repetitions for 100 days (10,000 Constant Bears!), and I still have arthritis, what it means to me is that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I have a hope and a way forward that I didn’t allow for in January when the flare up began.

Last month, Rainbow Natural Remedies posted an acid/alkaline food chart on their facebook page.  When I looked at it, I saw that coffee, sugar, and chocolate, along with beer, many refined grains, meat, and other things all cause acidic conditions in the body.  I’m pretty sure that this is where the feedback that I am getting from my diet is going, that I don’t necessarily need to avoid acid causing foods forever, but that I need to keep the overall Ph of my diet more alkaline.  I resonated with my acupuncturist Dave saying “don’t make a religion out of it”.  Overall it feels great to finally have some clear feedback with regards to dietary and lifestyle choices, and with that clear feedback thanks to my friends, my acupuncturist and tai chi instructor, my counselor, and my body I can integrate that feedback into a clear way forward toward greater health.  As always, wishes you luck on your journey as well.

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