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Happiness Initiative Mindfulness and Attachment Class #3

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The third class in this series was great, thanks to engaged discussion, open sharing, and a couple new practices. We began the class with the introduction of the concepts of normal and natural.
A marvelous sufi teacher named Himayat Inayati (I’ve been certified by a local barista to use the word marvelous) introduced me to this polarity in my Raphaelite Work training. The distinction between normal and natural helps us to see what habits have accrued over time (normal) versus the experience of happiness, flow, and ease that exists without these constructions (natural). This is not meant to be a judgement of good and bad, but we do end up noticing our normal modus operandi and allowing it to open into natural mindfulness in our practices.
In this class we did a simple 15 minute breathing practice, which I have an mp3 of that I can email if you drop me a line. This practice is great for simply developing the ability to notice what is happening in this moment in our thoughts, emotions, and body. When we notice that, whatever may be arising, we return our focus to counting the breath.
We also talked about more of the logistics and adjustments possible in developing our personal practice such as gaze, posture, time of day, ritual, and environment.
Finally we moved into developing our root, or groundedness, which helps us feel centered and have clear boundaries with others. The practice that goes along with this quality is a basic tai chi practice of being in vertical alignment and shifting the weight from one foot to the other. This practice is a great one for all the little moments we have while waiting. By bending our knees and aligning our head and belly over the arch of our foot, we can utilize these small moments that we generally dread or overlook. As always, send questions my way and good luck with your practice!